York University represents one of the largest global concentrations of academics—faculty, graduate students, and upper-level undergraduates—who use Marxism to study the world and to make practical interventions. Marxist Studies in Global and Asian Perspectives (MSGAP) is a research program that brings together, within a common framework, Marxists at York University and at other institutions who work on Asia or on other parts of the world.  It is also open to other frameworks on the Left which can be, or are, in conversation with the Marxist tradition. MSGAP endeavours to foster and disseminate research through a variety of activities including research talks, workshops, seminars, conferences, reading group meetings, and publication of working papers series. MSGAP is also launching a blog.  The program is motivated by the conviction that the Marxist approach can uniquely allow us to examine the fundamental concerns of humankind such as: capitalist economic development and economic inequality; geopolitics, imperialism and international institutions; economic crisis; neoliberalism and global economy; the urban condition; labor issues; intra- and international migration; science and technology; national and regional approaches to economic and foreign policy; right-wing politics; culture, gender, ethnic and race relations; religions; economic, political and ecological struggles; and environmental changes, and biological threats to life.

For many years, I have advised students from around the world interested in Marxian theory and critical political economy that the best place to pursue this study was to do graduate work at York University—both because of a fortuitous collection of faculty and the critical mass of graduate students attracted to these. Now, I am delighted to learn that a number of faculty members at York have decided to build upon this strength by establishing a coherent initiative of Marxist Studies in Global and Asian Perspectives. I am certain that this concentrated focus will attract students and work in this important specific area and that its effect will be felt in associated fields. I look forward to the opportunity to be associated with this initiative.
Michael A. Lebowitz, Professor Emeritus of Economics, Simon Fraser University<

We are sorry to report that Michael, who was an enthusiastic supporter of MSGAP, passed away on 19 April 2023. You can read the articles and books by this great Canadian socialist thinker at https://michaelalebowitz.com/.