York Left Consortium: Theory & Practice


York Left Consortium: Reflections on Capitalism’s Half-Life is a blog that began its life as a space for written interventions relating to the coronavirus and its aftermath by leftist faculty and grad students at York University (as well as some non-York experts invited by York faculty and students). Read those HERE.

Its second phase (featured below) is focused on profiling through videos and short written statements what the recent work of thinkers (books or articles for authors, or in the case of activists, recent campaigns) implies for advancing socialism and the struggle against capitalism around the world.

Being a Marxist Medievalist
—An interview with Dr. Sheila Delany

Dr. Sheila Delany is emerita professor of English at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She worked and published with the pre-eminent Marxist journal Science and Society for over 40 years and was active in the Cuba-friendly and Palestinian rights movements as well as a member of the International Spartacist Tendency. Her voluminous, cutting-edge scholarship brought a class-conscious, gender-aware, non-Eurocentric viewpoint into Anglophone medieval studies. Post-retirement, her project was translating several works of the French atheist revolutionary Sylvain Maréchal (1750-1803). She has also published fiction and poetry. Sheila speaks to us about her work and its implications for the advancement of socialism today.

Toward a unifying struggle against capitalism, racism, sexism and all forms of oppression
—An interview with Professor Lilia Monzo, Associate Professor, Attallah College of Educational Studies, Chapman University

Lilia Monzo is a professor in the Education program at Chapman University in the greater Los Angeles area. She is the author of A Revolutionary Subject: Pedagogy of Women of Color and Indigeneity and has written numerous articles such as “Confronting colonial representations of Latinas: Developing a liberation praxis,” / “The dialectic in Marxism and Freedom for today: The unity of theory and practice and the movement of today’s concrete struggles” / and “Colonialism, migration, pandemic: The immutable evidence that capitalism is racist and misogynist” recently in the Monthly Review.

Breaking the hold of authoritarian neoliberalism by working class movements
—An interview with Professor Alfredo Saad-Filho

Professor Saad-Filho has written or edited nine books and numerous journal articles on political economy and international development issues. He has been a prominent critic of the (Post-) Washington consensus and neoliberalism. He edited the widely known Neoliberalism: A Critical Reader. He has also written on economic policies in many countries across the world, including Brazil and theoretical topics in many areas of Marxism, including value theory. Dr. Saad-Filho’s latest publications include Progressive Policies for Economic Development: Economic Diversification and Social Inclusion after Climate Change (Taylor and Francis, 2021),  “Authoritarian developmentalism: The latest stage of neoliberalism?” (Geoforum, 2021) and “The Twilight of Formal Democracy: Contradictions of Accumulation and the Political Crisis of Neoliberalism” (co-author, Journal of Australian Political Economy, 2020–21).

Interviewed by Raju Das and Robert Latham.