Student Associates

Sabine A. Fernandes
Doctoral Student, Critical Disability Studies, York University

Sabine is a doctoral student in Critical Disability Studies at York University. Their research interests broadly include Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, cross-movement solidarity in disability care organizing, popular political education, the political economy of human rights, and critical access studies.

Keywords: Care work; disablement; migrant workers

Tim Hayslip
Doctoral Student, Sociology, York University

Tim Hayslip is a doctoral student in York University’s Sociology Program. After earning an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto, he worked for TD Bank and as an English teacher in South Korea. When he returned to academia, he focused on studying classical sociological theory. He earned an MA at Brock University for his thesis, “Dialectical Naturalism,” which situates Soviet dissident philosopher Evald Ilyenkov’s contributions within the classical sociological canon. He is currently contributing to a book attempting to popularize an interpretation of Marx’s method. His doctoral research shifts his focus to the intersection of the sociology of knowledge and economic sociology. Specifically, his upcoming dissertation seeks to explain the popularity of the Austrian School of Economics and its suggested remedies for economic malaise: higher interest rates, less market regulation, and the bankruptcies of ‘zombie companies’.

Keywords: Political economy; methods; epistemology

Alex Moldovan
Doctoral Student, Politics, York University

Alex Moldovan is a graduate student at York University. His past research has focused on BRICS imperialism throughout Africa and Latin America. Currently he is studying community-based self-defence as an incipient form of dual power that can led to alternative pathways of development, governance and statehoods.

Keywords: China; BRICS; Investment; self-defence

Nithya Nagarajan
Doctoral Student, Politics, York University

Nithya Nagarajan is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Politics at York University. Her interests encompass indigenous and decolonial studies, anti-racist feminism, Marxism, labour and social movements. Her current work focuses on pedagogy and praxis of labour in the Arab world and Latin America. She is a former student of the National School of the Landless Workers Movement in Brazil.

Keywords: Decolonization; marxism; social movements; labour

Paramjit Singh
Doctoral Student, Political Science, York University

My broad area of research is Marxian Political Economy. I am interested in global capitalism, unequal exchange, climate crisis and the agrarian south.

Keywords: Political economy; climate crisis; unequal exchange

Josh Watterton
Doctoral Candidate, Geography, York University

Josh is broadly interested in social and political theory with the programmatic view of effecting positive social change. While Josh’s BA was in Criminology, his MA was in macroeconomics and sociology. His MA thesis focused on capitalist dynamics in the post-war US economy. His areas of concentration are political economic theory and empirical research guiding by this tradition of thought, with an emphasis on the relationship between the role of state-backed military spending on arms production and crisis formation. Josh’s research examines this relationship at a theoretical and philosophical level, in concrete terms in the global-historical sense and in the empirical context if the ‘space-economies’ of contemporary India and the US.

Keywords: Political economy; crisis theory; state theory; military spending and arms production