Student Associates

Alex Moldovan
Doctoral Student, Politics, York University

Keywords: China; BRICS; Investment; self-defence

Alex Moldovan is a graduate student at York University. His past research has focused on BRICS imperialism throughout Africa and Latin America. Currently he is studying community-based self-defence as an incipient form of dual power that can led to alternative pathways of development, governance and statehoods.

Nithya Nagarajan
Doctoral Student, Politics, York University

Keywords: Decolonization; marxism; social movements; labour

Nithya Nagarajan is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Politics at York University. Her interests encompass indigenous and decolonial studies, anti-racist feminism, Marxism, labour and social movements. Her current work focuses on pedagogy and praxis of labour in the Arab world and Latin America. She is a former student of the National School of the Landless Workers Movement in Brazil.