Call for Submissions | The York Left Consortium: Reflections on Capitalism’s Half-Life

Call for Submissions | The York Left Consortium: Reflections on Capitalism’s Half-Life

The blog, The York Left Consortium: Reflections on Capitalism’s Half-Life, has been hosting since last April 2020 written interventions relating to the COVID-19 crisis and its aftermath by leftist faculty and graduate students at York University as well as invited non-York experts. There are a rich, insightful array of posts that show the impressive range of expertise and experience relating to the social, political, economic and environmental issues in society that are brought into relief by the pandemic.

We anticipated that the blog would expand its focus beyond the current moment associated with COVID-19, and Spring 2021 is an excellent opportunity for this transition.

We are seeking short posts as well as longer pieces on contemporary capitalist society. We would especially welcome speculations that critically address capitalism in relation to such issues as: work, race, the environment, activism, housing, cities, indigeneity, migrants, religion, imperialism, violence, democracy, fascism and authoritarianism. Authors can provide not just original writing for the blog but link and re-post pieces from other websites (personal or organizational).

Blog post guidelines:

  • We welcome English blog posts from advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and researchers—and indeed any member of the York community who would like to share an idea elaborated in a suitable manner; commentators and experts from outside of York and from different parts of the world.
  • The pieces should not exceed 5,000 words, including a short abstract, though longer papers on specific topics may be accepted.
  • We also accept pieces that were originally published elsewhere (and are permissible to re-post with appropriate attribution).
  • Submit your piece as a Word document with relevant hyperlinks. Include sources where appropriate. Please include an author biography (250 words maximum). Copyright-free accompanying images are welcome; please include the image source in your submission.

Download a PDF of the call HERE.

We look forward to your queries and submissions to

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