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We’re not all in this together

As CoVid19 cases in shelters and Long Term Care facilities soar, the police in Ontario are ramping up their enforcement of physical distancing bylaws. They ticket those gathering in groups, people standing closer than 2 metres apart, and those using closed park facilities. They can be fined $1000. In addition, police have the right now to ask anyone to show identification with their name, address and date of birth. Those who don’t comply can be fined up to $750.

Notes on Lenin at 150: Theoretical Preparation for Revolution in the Time of COVID-19

Two weeks ago, April 22, was the 150th anniversary V.I. Lenin’s birth. What does it mean to consider Lenin 150 years after his birth and at the time of COVID-19? To many on the global left — from anarchists to social democrats — the answer would be a resounding, “He means nothing at all to us,” or, “We reject his legacy.” I believe that this would be misguided, as we still have a lot to learn from the Russian revolutionary thinker, even today, and in spite of the many valid criticisms of his politics and the fate of the USSR that he founded.

Capitalism and COVID-19

By August H. Nimtz Can a society based on the private ownership of the means of production and, more importantly, the values intrinsic to such a mode of production—self-interest—respond effectively to a collective problem? That’s the life and death question now posed by the coronavirus pandemic, not only for the U.S but for world society. […]