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COVID-19 and Crisis in Western Agriculture

The first few months of the pandemic has intensified structural contradictions in North American and the Western European political economy. The blows COVID-19 is dealing to agricultural production in the west are concerning because by chocking the flow of migrant workers food production is then slowed. The coronavirus pandemic has, in no small way, brought about a crisis in capitalist agriculture in the West.

Viral Anxieties

Anxiety has long been an important response to potential threats or hazards in an environment. Indeed, historically, most social formations have involved persistent inequality and poverty that placed people under mental stress. But from sweaty palms and rapid breathing to increased heart rate and muscle tension, the mechanisms that once worked to protect people and assure safety and security—preparing the body for danger by putting it on alert—have become jumbled and misdirected under capitalism, no longer capable of eliciting action or responsiveness.

“Between the rock of the occupation, and the hammer of coronavirus”: The Coronavirus and the Conditions of Palestinian Workers

By Nithya Nagarajan Palestinian civil society organizations are calling for an immediate international intervention. Though the COVID crisis may be an “exceptional” moment in recent world history, the conditions to which Palestinians are subjected reminds us that the Nakba (النكبة)—the expulsion, dispossession, and dehumanization of Palestinians in 1948 – is not a fact of the […]